Update Feb 28 2013

Hi all, well I’ve been awol from cyber land for a fair bit the last two months . I’ve been traveling a lot down to Perthshire to visit family and honestly I really enjoy the area down that way . I find it very relaxing, I often feel I get some of my best ideas while I’m out and about with my dog Chase in the countryside . So if I’m not been on the road traveling from A to B then I’m been fighting with technology to put it mildly . For most of January I was without internet and then at the start of  Feb. my pc ( which has been acting up for the last 6 months) decided to start crashing on a weekly basis and started to go at slower then a snail pace over the smallest of task’s – the finally straw that broke the caramel’s back was when the keyboard started to have a freak out of itself very own a few days later . So I was one very happy writer when I was gifted a new shiny laptop by my folks to me for my 30th birthday a few weeks back . Finally the slow task of moving all my files and links over to my new toy is just about done- Yay !   Right now I’m playing catch up on all my promoting , linkage and update my author pages of different sites , so I will be posting a few links in the next few weeks and keeping you all update to with latest news .  

I’m getting myself back into writer mode again , as I trying to finish up my debut Novel The Pack and the Follow up to Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve – The Turn of the Wheel as I would like to get them both done and out to your all for the end of the year or that is my goal at the moment.  I’m also working on a few on ice’s I have forgotten about to be honest and dusting them off to bring them back into the daylight, so I really add some spice and darkness to them in the next few months – but their all still at the baby stages of the process – so I’m not setting myself a timeline for them as yet.

It’s getting late here tonight – so am going to call it a night

wishing you all many bright blessings until next time folks