One of those times

Right now in my life , am having one of those points in my life after many months ( ok more like years) of things going a snail pace . That everything is all of a sudden slipping into place at the right moment and time.  Both on a personal and professional fronts in my life , in the last few days have been moving a fast pace . I was down visiting my family in Perthshire and a sweet wee cottage I had noticed on the market a wee back but had missed out on , had just came back onto the market . Since this place is in a very quiet area of Perthshire it just screams to be made into a writer’s heaven and has wonderful wee enclosed garden for my visual challenged puppy to burn off some of his crazy hyperness ( if you think of a 3 year old child on a non stop sugar high – you will get some idea of the level of craziness of this lovable puppy) so I hope things work out well with it this time around . So I will have to put my faith in the angels to lead me to the best outcome for me . 

Also today I got the first lot swag sorted out for Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve as well – it all looks amazing so I can’t wait to share some photos of it all with you when it arrives .

I hope your all have a great day today

Love and Light until next time

V J Chisholm