Dogs, Books and Homes

Good Morning everyone .

I’m out in the countryside at the moment and loving it. I love this area of Perthshire and while I’m down here ,my dog Chase has access to a wonderful safe garden and I can watch him on the cctv while reading , fixing a meal , looking at my angel cards for the day ahead or writing up my next blog say ūüėČ all from the kitchen .¬† I lost out of the lovely little cosy cottage I spoke about in my last blog on here , but as all my friends remind me¬†” what is meant for you¬†will never pass you by ” ¬†so I take heart from that and keep on-going with my search for a house in this lovely area¬†.

As I’m writing up this post my dog has just come in from outside to start chewing at my socks , which is his way of letting me know he wants me to go outside with him to play with him .he’s got no chance right now as the dark clouds in the sky tell me rain is not far away , so best let him enjoy all the garden and big fields walks¬† that I take him on ,while he can ūüėČ


I’ve been working on a lot of different¬†way you can all connect with me all and have an amazon¬†author page in the works too. I’m useless at setting up websites¬†and writing up bio’s for myself – am great at doing it for others but myself – nope¬†, it never just flows or comes easy to me¬†, unlike if I’m working¬†on a new story and it all just flows together . Then my problem is trying to type as fast as I thinking¬†. ¬†

My partner asked me not so long ago if I was going to add him to one of my books one day – most likely I will do someday as it’s pretty hard not to write about aspects of character that you know from real life and inject them into the fantasy world , but honestly I never set out a plan to do so in any of my work.¬† I normally have one character in my mind that is jumping up and down waving their hands at me begging for my attention and time , so they can get their story out there.¬† all the rest just seem to wonder in and stop by while waiting for their time to speak and add their two pence worth to the plot .

Mostly during my time I’ve been down here this time around , if I’ve not been out and about doing house viewings and wait in for delivery men to drop off my mother new washing machine and install it . Then I’ve been catching up on some of my own reading as I have a pile of books with me wherever I go . No joke , even as a young girl I remember buying a book bag with a long strap that looked not unlike a fabric handbag while I was in the states one time and that thing could hold up to 8 children’s book at a time – back then I was reading things like Wishbone and Little Sister babysitter club books so they were quite thin books.¬† I think it would have held about 2 adult size hardback books and maybe three paperbacks .¬†¬†

I’m currently jumping between three books at the moment that I’m enjoying . I always have about 3 books on the go with me , one in my handbag – maybe it on my iPhone or kindle but there always something to read in my bag , one next to my bed and one that will move about with me from places to place during the course of the day .

Right now those books are

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks – not seen the film that long ago and had to go out and get the book the next day , normally I tend to read the book then see the film but it turned out to be the other way around this time . Loving both – I’m more a purest that often I think the books in better then the movie but either the book or the movie equally good in their own rights.

Angel therapy  by Doreen virtue РI love her work and have most of her books . This one as been a real oh that makes sense now kinda of books for me .

The third is one I just download onto my kindle two days ago – it’s done by one of my lit sister’s Khelsey Jackson and her wonderful book Kallos, I’ve only managed to get a few pages in so far but loving it .

Right the weather is changing and sky is getting darker . Time to call that crazy dog of mine in and just looking at the cttv I noticed he dragged one of my dad’s shoes out onto the lawn to chew on – errr better go and sort that out double quick ( well at least he didn’t try to bury it this time around so for my dog that is progress)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

V J Chisholm