4th stop on on blog tour

Good evening all

How are you all enjoying your friday night?

I just dropped in to tell you all about the 4th stop on my blog tour with Kaina’s book blog and her review of Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve

I had a great time

Link is below if you have time please swing by and check it out

Wishing you all a great weekend

Love and light

V J Chisholm


3rd stop on my Blog tour with Love all things books

Hi Everyone how is everyone’s week going so far ?

I was welcomed onto Love all things books blog last night and wanted to share that fun interview with you all


I’m in the middle of many thing at the moment and will details on a big event to share with you all soon

so keep your eyes open for that 🙂

Sending love and light to you all

V J Chisholm


Hi everyone I’m doing my first live interview evening tonight on Facebook where Shah sits down to talk to me about my book and myself . Hi you would like to answer me any questions you can do so tonight at this event

Would love to see you there

Wishing everyone a great evening

eppp I’m getting nervous

Love and light to all



Good Morning World

Good Morning all

I hope you all well this morning, It’s a lovely sunny day today here in Blairgowrie sadly still a bit on the cold side, so I can’t rush off and get my sun dress out yet .

It’s only just gone 9am and I’ve been up for my family’s furry lot of cats (Amber and Honey) and my own crazy dog Chase ( who I’m currently watching run about the back garden trying to kill a black plastic pot ) since before 7am , by 830am I was already up and already tracking down my dad’s power tools to fix a minor problem before today’s lot of workmen came around to my folks home ( carpet layers are the ones I’m looking out for today) . So there’s a lot of active and noise going on around me today as I’m typing .

Right down to business news on things I should catch you all up on

Starting from the 7th of this month (September) I’m kicking off my first ever blog hop which will run until the 31st of October for Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve, so I have lots of events, interviews and even a giveaway for your all to get involved in .

One Big event that is coming on very soon is my first big live interview on Facebook as Shah Fazli put the spotlight on me and Magick Weaved

So if you ever had any questions you want to ask me now is your chance as I’m will taken questions direct for you guys at this event as well .

Would love to see you there


I’m also working this month on a self made deadline to finish up and finish edits on my long time coming full length novel The Pack ( so if you love your witches, werewolf’s, magick, gangsters , dark secrets , untamed powers and magick’s and a bunch of friends throw into a totally new life – then you may what to keep your eyes open for this book)

Also in October I will be taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge

so I will be posting a short blog on here everyday of October

In other news, I’m still trying to find the home for me and my dog in this lovely surrounding area – I’m really keen to get settled again and get a lot of my stuff out of boxes again , sadly for the house hunting has come to a standstill atm as their seems to be nothing just right out there for me .

On another note and totally away from the writing side of my life – I also helping out with fundraising (normally via my second job as a Body shop at home party planner) for a cause that is very close to me , since it is got my cousin’s young son called Adam who has cerebral palsy – which is his case mainly affects his legs , his family is trying to raise the funds to send him over USA to have a operation that they can’t do over here in the UK that could totally change his life for him and allow him to run , jump climb trees like a normal boy his age can do everyday.

If you have a moment then please check out his site for more info on his story, cerebral palsy, the operation they are hoping to have and where . If you able to donate even a small amount of £5 that would be amazing as it all adds up over time and brings Adam one step closer to his goal.


you can also check out his Facebook page too


Ok I think that is all my news and latest happenings share with you all again , so I’m away to sign off from here and go hoover up the mess the carpet guys have left behind them – oh the joys of house sitting lol

Wishing you all a great day and a great week

love and light to you all