Finally catching my breath

bottle book swag

Well Hello Everyone 

The last two month for me have been purely HECTIC lol 

Towards the end of February , i saw the perfect apartment in amazing location in beautiful Perthshire countryside area for myself and chase , saw it , put an offer in on it ( all of which happened within the space of two days)  got it, signed all the legal stuff within the space of a week . Then i started the moving in process just a week and half later . It was the a rush to get all my old stuff out of storage from my last apartment . So between ordering new furniture , waiting in on it being delivered and trying to track down other bits and bobs for the apartment , I’ve spent far more time then i would like travelling back and forth on the road between Aberdeen( my hometown) and my new location so that’s eaten alot of time in my days , to get much newer writing done ( which has been frustrating) 

While am not fully settled yet and there still a few bigger projects to be sorted out within my new home , i wake up every morning smiling and fully very blessed . Chase for the most part has settled in so well, yet there is no doubt in my mind that he is missed my mother feline companions , which if you follow my pages on Facebook and twitter, you’ll have seen the photos of his best friend( a bi colour Persian red and white cat that going by the name of Amber) and chase sitting next to each by the fire.  

During my free time ( which has been limited ) the last two months , i been running down my check list of all the books, swag and promo items that will be coming with me to new weekend event for the Turning the pages event and Book Awards in Orlando , I will have some items that you can only get from my cafepress – Magick Weaved store with me on the day as well at for a heavy discounted prices on a  one day only prices for the event, as well as 50 copies of  Magick Weaved in paperback with me as well, which i would be delighted to sign for anyone if they wished – or if you have your own copy bring it along on the day and i will sign it for you 🙂

Finally i also  have some Amazing Handmade swag with me as well for this event only – this is totally a limited batch of bottle book cover charms – that you will not find anywhere else .  ( see photo in this post )

So if you can come along on the day – please do it would be great to meet as many of you guys as I could while am stateside . 

I plan to take my laptop with me while am away , so in my chase free downtime – i can get back to my writing projects that have had to be on ice the last two months . My mind is filled with great new ideas that am itching to bash out on this laptop asap as well . 

I will post so photos here after the event if i can while am away if not then i will do it the day i get back into the UK. 

Right sadly i have to sign off at the moment 

I’ll be back soon again to chat to you all some more soon i hope 

until then my friends 

Great blessings and peace to you all