The turning pages event post breakdown and interview links

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Hi all

Well to say the last three weeks have been acting packed to the fullest to say the very least .

First off I must to a shout out to the amazing people behind the Turning of the Pages event in Orlando , it’s was a great day and i got to met up with some amazing ladies – so I feel like not only was a great day to meet you guys but I also feel so glad to have made some new life long friends as well that day .

On the day of the event I got my first chance to do my first face to face interview – which you can now find on YouTube by the following this link

I must also do a shout out to the lovely Tom who did a radio interview with me by Skype before I left the uk to head to the Orlando event – in case you missed that interview or have just ever wondered what I sounded like well here you chance to hear ( as well as see me if your viewing the YouTube link)

After the event I did make a long over due holiday for the rest of my time in the states , I stayed in the Orlando area for three extra days and yes I got to try the butter beer in Harry potter world at universal studios in Orlando – it was a sweet kinda of an use slush but not sickly – I would have gone but for a second but by that point in the day the heat was getting to much for this wee Scottish lass !

I then traveled onto Washington DC where I had planned to visit lots of museum during my 4 days stay there but sadly within mere moments of checking into my hotel and dragging my suitcase behind I fall and badly jarred my knee , which upset an old knee injury of mine , so for the first two days in DC I was not out of my hotel room as all , mind you the weather was tipping it down with rain – so if there were ever two days to be injured I’m sure glad it was those two . Third in DC armed with a new knee brace , I got a taxi to a local bookstore that had a cafe called Afterwords attached to it that I had heard about and was dying to check out – if your ever in the area you have to try their crab cake egg Benedict and their red velvet cake with your coffee afterwards. Needless to say an author in a bookstore or near a bookstore – I just had to buy a book – despite getting so many new ones at the event lol ! I’m on of these people that I can honestly never have enough books.

Once my time in DC was over I was back to Orlando for the rest of my trip and back into Disney world – bad knee or not NOTHING was going to stop me for enjoying myself there so each day I rented an elec scooter cause I was no way but to normal at that stage ! I did a fair bit of shopping to take some bits back to friends back home of Disney stuff

Once I got back to the uk I can honestly say I slept the first fifteen hours after being awake for the thirty six hours I think maybe I needed it . Yet Jeg lag seemed keen to knock me off my feet for the next seven days as well – not fun ! To make matter worse just an the DC knee injury was finally settling down – I re fall and badly damaged it yet again so this author is currently on lock down by docter’s orders for the next week to rest it before getting further treatment on it ! Oh these things in life are sent to try us ! I’m a great believer is looking at the positives in life , so going to event , meeting new friends, traveling to some of my fave places to relax and re change my spirit , only to come home with a fresh pair of eyes ,It’s hard to be blue when you have all these great things coming into your life ( knee injuries aside of cousre)

Until next time everyone

Love and light as well many happy reads