Are you a Werewolf fan?

Hello my lovelies

I’m back again with another new book I want to recommend to you all, as I know we have a lot of paranormal fans here.

If your a fan of old paranormal movies you may have heard of the original “The Wolf Man” which was done back in 1941

Dr.  Alex Cullison has created this wonderful novella called Werewolf Origin which is a prequel to this story 

The story takes place in Llanromney, Wales.  The year is 1851.  The main character is Dr. Paul Thomas; who practices in a small village.  He treats both humans and animals in his capacity as a veterinarian and a family physician.  His young, attractive, female assistant, Larene Lester, has worked by his side for many years.  Captain Frederick Wellen is the local magistrate and law enforcement officer for this village as well as a true friend to Paul.

True to its title, the tale reveals how the first werewolf was created.  But this story is much more.  Werewolf Origin is about love, friendship, and determination.  Larene is a strong independent woman.  Dr. Paul is a driven committed man, trying desperately to save his village from an epidemic. Captain Wellen is the town magistrate and Paul’s best friend.  Together they share a very engaging experience.

This is the style of book – I love to read and it pulled me in right away – so I hope you feel the same way once you have read it  ( or listened to it as it’s also avaibile in audio )

You can pick up a copy of this great read in ebook or audio ebook format at Itunes and Amazon

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In the meantime my friends I wish you a wonderful week

Love and Light

V J Chisholm

Starblood release 

Pre order your copy of this great new addition from Carmilla Voiez and check out her wonderful Facebook Party to landmark this occasion 
Blurb –
Satori is desperate to win back his ex girlfriend, Star. He tries to summon a demon to command its help, but manages to bring Lilith, queen of the demons, into his bedroom, unleashing her on Earth. Lilith seduces Star and takes her on a wild murder spree that culminates in Scotland. Can Satori save Star and himself or will Lilith destroy them both? With stunning art by Anna Prashkovich, this graphic novel adaptation of Carmilla Voiez’s novel Starblood is a treat for mature audiences. 18+. Includes some nudity.
Link to graphic novel on Amazon –
Release date 30th September 2016.
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Hi everyone

No i’ve not dropped off the face of the planet again .

I’m currently trying to get myself back into writing  mode again and tactling  a few projects i’ve had on ice for a little while .

In the meantime – i got the chance to be interveiwed by the Lovely Syle Jenkins and have a great fun during the interveiw

I hope you all enjoy it

Hope you all had a great weekend

until next time

Love and Light


Labour day weekend free offer 

From the 5-7th September you can pick up a kindle copy of Magick weaved on a Samhain Eve for free on amazon 

Taster teaser from Magick Weaved on a Samhain eve 

If the spell worked,it would be an experience that was guaranteed, and Alexia was a ‘try anything once in your life’ kind of girl. She couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this when it landed in her lap. 

Final Thoughts on 2014 aka closing of many chapters

Hello everyone – it’s been awhile since since I’ve had a real pause moment that has allowed me to sit still and write up this blog. So I’m sorry for the many months that have pasted since my last real in-depth post here .

The reasons are multi-fold for the lack of posting – which includes change of full time day job work ,to sudden change of jobs, and poor health over the last few months.

As 2014 is winding down to close and I look back on it to a see a year of getting rid of unanswered “what if” questions( that can sometimes haunt a person as they move on from one chapter to the next in their life-) , a year of hidden blessings . Great moments , Sad Moments and all the crazy the curve-balls that life has chosen to throw at me in the last 6-7 months.

I’ve dug deep within myself as I’ve had many times in my life before and keep moving forward one day at a time.

I can see it has worked ( as it always has for me in the past)  I look around my new home and feel a kind of peace, happiness and contentedness that has flowed in and out of my life over the last 3- 4 years . I have no regrets on anything that has happened over the last year .  I’ve made great new friends while i was on my travels in the USA at the early start of 2014 and so glad to have kept them up since i returned to the UK after that trip .  I’ve gotten to work with some great people via blog’s, sharer’s , PA’s  and of course my ever-growing publishing family 🙂  I will look back on this year has a year of blessings and a year in which many new plot ideas for my books have been born .

I’m so ready for 2015 to start  and to see what unfolds within it  🙂

My plans to deal with next few days in 2014 are to enjoy the cold snap weather , lock myself away with my family’s pets, a few box sets of DVDs and work on my writing – simple and quiet – boring to some , but heaven for me 🙂

Wishing you all a great New Year and a Wonderful 2015 everyone

Love and Light to all