In Need of a Good Read?

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing?

I’ll be back soon for a longer post at a later date but for right now I wanted to jump on and share with you a great new read I had just come across that is easy on the wallet too ( which is a huge win – win for me personal with the amount of books and ebooks i read over a year)

The Happy Cat Detective is a great short read – that is suitable for all ages

It’s about Cristina Solans who used to be a veterinarian, but things went a little wrong and she lost her job. She helps to run and maintain a cat sanctuary called The Happy Cat’s Home, but sadly it is losing too much money. She takes on a job as a private detective, using the money she earns to shore up the cats’ home. Her first major job is to find – you guessed it – a missing cat. It’s way more dangerous than she could ever have imagined though, as she has to face down guard dogs that are vicious and a woman who likes to brandish a gun. She could just walk away from it, but who else will keep a roof over the cats’ heads? And, just maybe, she kind of enjoys the challenge.

You can grab a copy via amazon or Smashwords

Links provided below

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Wishing you all a Lovely Weekend

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V J Chisholm





Set the timer !

Long time everyone .

A few big changes have been happening in the last few months .

In November 2015 my publisher CHBB and I parted ways . So for a limited time my book came off Amazon and other sites .  Never one to sit around and do nothing – i felt the need to make a fresh start and self publish Magick Weaved ( formerly titled Magick Weaved on a Samhain Eve ) . As well as a minor title change – I felt a need to change the cover of Magick Weaved which I had been feeling for sometime didn’t really match the story that was underneath the cover – I wanted to  focus more of the sweet romantic side to Magick Weaved and I hope you all agree the new cover reflects that change .

In December the website was the next thing to get hit and get a facelift – swing by if you have the time and let me know what you think of it’s new look

Finally on the 14 th of January i was able to re release Magick Weaved on the following outlets
Kobo –
Barnes and Noble –
Scribed –
Inkerta –
24 Symbols –

All of this done in my so called downtime while my 10 month old little one is napping or down for their long night sleep – so it’s kept me on my toes i can tell you 😉

Anyway SET YOU TIMER for TONIGHT at 830PM (uk,time)

I’m doing a guest drop in at the online Facebook event – Indie Authors Appreciation Weekend  – so swing by and say hi and check out an amazing line up of indie authors as well , it’s sure to be a blast !

Hopefully see some of you all tonight – if not until next time

Love and Light






The lost month of May

Good afternoon everyone

Firstly , I hope everyone is having a great weekend

Secondly , I’m sorry there was no blog posted last month , but as my title hints at the month of may was just about totally lost to me .

So if your connected to any of my other pages on Facebook, twitter, googleplus ,goodreads, book groups on Facebook etc you will have noticed that I not been making the normal rounds or posting the same amount of posts or tweets as normal for me.

What happened to me ? oh where to start … well if you have read my most recent blog post here , you will see I’ve been talking about looking for a new place to live . I put my flat on the market up in Aberdeen on the market 3 weeks ago and it sold very quickly in under 2 and half weeks but 4 days after it was put on the market my father suddenly took ill and was rushed into hospital down in Perth which is about a hour and half drive from Aberdeen.

You know the expression ” everything will happen at once ” well it sure did . Make no mistake about that .  2 days after my dad was taken in to hospital they decided after many tests that they would need to remove his gall bladder – well what should have been a simple op and only have taken a little over an hour , lasted nearly 5 hours and my dad landing in HDU for the night , to make matters worse  my mum had workmen coming in to set about building up her new kitchen for her – so she was extra stressed from that as well.  So needless the next day it was a case of me and the pup jumping in my car at 730 am and motoring down the road to go help my mum out as well as get the latest on my dad plus visit him.  That start what was to become a pattern for the rest of the month for me , traveling back and forth between Aberdeen and Blairgowrie then onto Perth for visiting times. I only travelled back up to Aberdeen for viewing on my flat and later on meetings over paperwork etc as well as packing up my life of the last 30 years in boxes as my friends would say .

It’s a well known fact among my friends that no one will push me more or be as hard on myself as I’m . I tend to go into superwoman mode and demined to let no one down ( including myself) and to help everyone that needed it . Oh course it goes without saying am no superwoman am just human so all this pushing and rushing about after 2 and half weeks cause me to burnout by exhaustion so ended up been on forced bed rest for 2 days till I fit to help out again.

Once my flat become under offer and my dad got his first weekend home pass , the days stopped bleeding into each other and things became more humanly manageable again.

Then I had to set up cancelling internet at my old place etc , while refocusing on packing up boxes again . 

My dad is now is home and is recovering well – so that’s given me a great peace of mind again .

The kitchen is just about complete .

I moved the first lot of my things into my folks home where I will be staying till my new place is fully done and sorted out in 4- 5 months time , in some ways I think that divine timing as I’m happier being close by to help them out just now .  I still have a lot of traveling back and forward to do till the end of this month but life is slowly returning to a more normal pace for us all.

This month I’m filling in two lot of questions for some interviews I’m doing , one for the lovely Alexia POV and the second is about myself , magick weaved and my works in process atm . I will be sharing both on here once they come out .

I’m going to try and to a mini post mid month this month with all my latest links where you can find me at and follow me or even just talk to me.

I will take this chance to sign off and wish you all a great weekend

sending you all love and light as well as angels to watch over you all

until next time , thank you for stopping by and happy reading

V J Chisholm