Catch up blog – so much going on

Hi all

I hope your all having a lovely start to your weekends . 

Firstly off am honestly not sure what happened to July – it felt like a case of blink and you miss it to me . The whole month for me here is Scotland was a mix bag of meetings, looking for houses that would suit my needs and my dog needs.

I have been doing a lot of big promo push’s on my book Magick Weaved and it’s been well rewards by jumping up in the amazon rankings and getting into top spots in Goodreads listing

There such even been some more books coming out for you all to have a look at by the end of this year.

Also amazon have now added Magick Weaved to their sites in Spain, France, Germany,  Itaily, Japan and Canada as well now

Links to follow


On top of all that I got to see one of my friends and her new partner for the first time in 3 years since I last got the chance to see her – so I loved catching up with them both and hope it will not be so long in-between visits next time around .

On a personal note on myself I’m still trying to find my feet in my new surroundings while that the same time pushing myself to get back in shape – so I booked myself in for some sessions of these power plate thing , ask me next month how I’m getting on with them , lol


Anyway all the new linkage is below

I wish you all a fab weekend

I’m signing off until next time

Love and light to all

V J Chisholm

Italy  for 0.89 euro –


Brazil  for Rs 1.99




0.89 euro




0.89 euro




CRD 0,99







Y 99

Also I have a brand new website for you guys – 

As well as all the that I’m now on youtube now as well with my book trailer for Magick Weaved

Check it out when you a moment and let me know what you think of it .

On a final note – I’m trying putting together a big blog hop starting from September till the 31st of October . if there are any bloggers, pages, or reviewers out there that would like more info or to join in the please get in touch with me .